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  1. Feb 13,  · Raw live practice recording, No vocal effects. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
  2. The results of this study show that rehydration by oral rehydration solution (ORS) is as effective as intravenous fluid therapy. ORS can be used for the treatment of diarrhoeas in all age groups including young infants. The costs were reduced by 33% despite an Cited by:
  3. Sterile collection of semen for assisted reproduction 11 Sterile collection of semen for microbiological analysis 11 Collection of semen at home 12 Collection of semen by condom 12 Safe handling of specimens 13 Initial macroscopic examination 13 Liquefaction 13 Semen viscosity
  4. Semen analysis, also known as the sperm count test, analyzes the health of a man’s sperm. Semen is the fluid containing sperm that is released during ejaculation.
  5. Semen Analysis Test Procedure. A semen analysis test, also known as the sperm count test, is the laboratory testing of freshly ejaculated semen. Semen analysis in the laboratory begins with the physical examination of the sample, including determination of pH, volume, viscosity and visual appearance of .
  6. Jun 14,  · Let’s start with the bright side – collecting your semen is way better than getting your blood drawn. Some might call the collection process the best part. And most guys would probably consider themselves a “subject matter expert” in semen collection based on decades of first-hand experience honing their craft.
  7. Jul 27,  · I did 3 semen analysis and the results were as per the table below, The doctor advised me to have FERTILPRO (Dietary supplement capsules) from April 10 to July 1, And antibiotic (JOSWE Avoxin – Levofloxacine mg-) for 10 days from May 10 to May 20,
  8. Semen is a viscous, whitish liquid that contains sperm and the products from several glands. It is fairly thick at ejaculation but thins out, or liquefies, within 10 to 30 minutes. Sperm are reproductive cells in semen that have a head, midsection, and a tail and contain one .

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