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  1. Sep 10,  · Notable releases: Kevin Pakulis and Larry Lee Lerma, self-titled; the Fell City Shouts, Music Is Medisin EP; Tom Walbank, Sugarmama (vinyl-only LP); the American Black Lung, Good Vibrations Author: Stephen Seigel.
  2. The American Black Lung ‎– Sudden Departure Of Vultures. Label: Uprising Records (4) ‎– R/5.
  3. Jul 03,  · Black Lung: Anatomy of a Public Health Disaster: Medicine & Health Science Books @ ardrescioupeugedoc.tradsisnisimpkittrenmonthorbafftadcase.co(2).
  4. yes, black vinyl is black due the use of soot as pigment; an high printing pressure, tons, creates a very smooth grooves' surface, which is a good thing for the needle - a smooth surface produces less noise; the pigments used for coloured vinyls require a shorter and lighter printing process: using the same tons pressure used for black.
  5. Oct 08,  · Vinyl junkies insist that no fancy-pants digital technology can approximate the warmth of an old-school LP. They have a point: unbelievably, that black vinyl disc on your turntable actually contains more musical information than the corresponding digital copy on your laptop, simply because traditional vinyl mastering doesn’t feature any Author: Joe Daly.
  6. Feb 29,  · Other vinyl - colored or clear can be dead-quiet. The expensive machines designed to de-magnetize records before play are de-magnetizing the carbon used to make vinyl black - so a colored vinyl record with no black in it may actually sound better right out of the wrapper than a black one. I own records pressed in every color of the rainbow.
  7. Jul 15,  · All you need to do is open the tracks in iTunes, select the track you wish to edit, and control-click (right-click on a PC), then select “Get Info” to begin editing track details. (Bulk edits that apply to every track – such as album name and artist – can .

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